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WWII Alone: ​​shoot everything on iPhone and touch

WWII Alone: ​​shoot everything on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The multi-touch screen of the iPhone and iPod touch proves once again perfect for the transposition of an arcade concept from the 80s with revised and correct audio, graphics and controls. We are referring to the Cabal bar cabinet in which one or two players impersonate as many soldiers taken from behind and positioned at the bottom of the screen. The remaining 3/4 of the screen represent the battle arena in which soldiers but also heavy vehicles, buildings, palisades and walls can be knocked down with a good dose of patience and ammunition. This is the same game scheme proposed by WWII Alone, literally the Second World War alone.

To control our submachine gun, simply touch the target we want to hit with a finger, the same mechanism to control the movement to the right and left of our warmongering alter ego. As we hit the enemies, bonuses materialize that allow you to face a little more easily entire armies and beyond. In addition to buildings and buildings, infested by enemies, we can shoot ships, planes alternatively aim at the same bombs and bullets that the enemy generously pours in our direction. So hitting a grenade just thrown over the head of a soldier causes the close explosion which allows us to clean up several enemies in one go and with the minimum expenditure of ammunition. With the score accumulated at the end of the level we can choose to enhance the damage of the machine gun, increase the number of bombs, increase the maximum health available to us and so on, choosing the most suitable upgrade according to the mission that awaits us.

WWII Alone works on iPhone and touch and is offered at the launch price of 79 cents from this App Store page.

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