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With Night Clock Phone and touch bedside hi-tech alarm clocks

With Night Clock Phone and touch bedside hi-tech alarm clocks logomacitynet1200wide 1

Soft colors to display the time in analog and digital format, snooze function to make the awakening less traumatic by postponing the ringtone and giving us a few more minutes of rest, different ringtones to choose from, also the courtesy light function. These are the main functions of Notte Orologio, a small utility that turns iPhone and touch into a perfect accessory for the bedside table.

From the configuration screen, the user can choose whether to display the time in analog or digital format, in both cases the appearance on the screen is very reminiscent of quartz radio alarm clocks so fashionable in the 80s and still used today. In addition to choosing soft, more or less opaque colors so as not to disturb too much, it can be configured for vertical or horizontal viewing, it allows you to set the snooze delay for a last nap before the actual awakening. The customization possibilities are numerous and include 4 ready-made graphic themes, 7 different ringtones and the torch function that allows you to illuminate our steps or the search for an object without disturbing the people who sleep by our side.

It works with iPhone and touch with Firmware 2.0 and above and offered at 0.79 cents starting from this App Store page.

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