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With Faces Wild! for iPhone and touch your face goes down in history

With Faces Wild! for iPhone and touch your face goes down in history logomacitynet1200wide 1

Have you ever wanted to be one of the Beatles, to see your face appear in an illustrious picture, to insert your face or that of a loved one on the body of a music star, of the cinema or simply in that of a squirrel or a chimpanzee? All this possible with Faces Wild! The software allows you to recover the desired face within the photos stored on the iPhone and touch, coming from both the iPhoto photo archive, and from the images taken with the iPhone's integrated camera.

Once Faces Wild! been instructed on the position of the face, the latter is automatically inserted into numerous models already contained in the program. At the user's disposal we find ready-made models for animals, famous paintings and works, costumes, famous people, different hairstyles, cinema, politicians and much more. The initially available models can be expanded with downloads directly within the software. Faces Wild! works on iPhone and touch and offered at 0.79 cents on this App Store page.

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