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WhatsApp will finally detect suspicious links to further prevent spam

The famous communication platform of Whatsapp, has implemented several new features starting this year. The development team for, it seems, has no intention of stopping here. SecondWABetaInfo in fact, the app would now be receiving a profit functionality to detect suspicious links in chats, in order to eradicate spam, usually viral between conversations.

WhatsApp: the functionality arrives to detect possible fraudulent or suspicious links

According to the changelog, starting from versione2.18.206 of WhatsApp, the new feature would highlight the suspicious link, through a red label with the relative warning. After touching the link, the app will report a second message warning that states: β€œThis link contains unusual characters. The site may try to look different ", however leaving users free to continue browsing.

Always secondWABetaInfo,the detection of suspicious links in the app would come performed locally instead of sending the analysis directly to the WhatsApp servers. It is necessary to ask for on the basis of what the system defines a link as suspicious, also detecting misleading news, which neglect names or sources, or limiting itself exclusively to specifically targeted phishing sites or with illicit security measures.


Links to malicious websites are not the only problem the WhatsApp team has recently faced. The company owned by Facebook, for some time impeached for the questionable management of false messages, which caused some serious problems in some nation.

In response to there, the platform will publish an additional function, which will help users understand if a forwarded message is actually written by a user or not. Will it be enough to solve the long-standing problem that has gripped the platform for some time? You just have to wait and check! The current measures could finally represent a few steps forward.

Are you still using WhatsApp, or have you decided to give up in favor of the competition, mainly represented by Telegram? Express yourself in the comments!

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