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WhatsApp: voice messages can be heard in preview

The development of Whatsapp and of many of its most requested features, it continues revealing some news for i voice messages which, in the last Beta, can be listened to before sending by users through a particular process.

WhatsApp voice messages, how to listen to them before sending them

It is not yet clear whether it is a bug or, as is hoped, a first step in listening to the preview yet in the last Beta 2.18.123 You can listen to your recordings before sending to any contact by taking advantage of some news of the application.

Once registered a voice message long, taking advantage of the hands-free function that we illustrated in the updated guide onhow to record a WhatsApp voicemail, you can exit the application by pressing the Home button or the Task Manager to switch to another background appwhile recording itself.

Voice messages WhatsApp preview.WhatsApp voice mail listening mode | Photo Credit: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp, according to when viewed, tends with this latest version to record the voice message on the device in the event of an interruption, leaving it available, once returned within the application, for listening. As shown in the preview image, you can even confirm sending or removing if you don't like it, something that with the traditional system it is not possible to do.

Incoming function or bug?

The functionality, discovered by pure chance, represents today more of a trick than a real advanced function that the development team has created for themessaging app although it can become something useful.

In fact, it has not been said that this saving mechanism is not actually a first step to allow users to listen to WhatsApp messages preview, further improving the user experience.

The function, not surprisingly, represents a pleasant novelty at present as well as something extremely useful to further cement the success of the messaging app in its sector.

Fonte: WABetaInfo

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