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What are and how Air Actions work on Samsung Galaxy …

marzo 19, 2020

There S-Pen Samsung equipped with many small functions and Air Action are among them. The Air Actions of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 allow you to use the S-Pen to control the various applications with simple touches. Let's see overall what are and how Air Actions work on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

What they are and how to activate Air Actions

As anticipated, the Air Actions are new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus that allow you to use the S-Pen as if it were a remote control to navigate between apps. This function takes advantage of a controller with six-axis movement.

Air Actions

On the Galaxy Note 10 and 10 Plus the Air Actions are active by default, but it is possible to deactivate and reactivate the function:

  • Go to the panel Settings, then on Advanced functions and finally on S-Pen;
  • Air Actions should be present among the items on this screen. In compatible apps, the function is activated automatically and the possibility of using the Air Actions highlighted by the bubble icon which turns purple. The icon, on the other hand, is shown in gray when no function is possible.

How to use Air Actions

Using Air Action on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 very simple:

  • Hold down the button on the S-Pen;
  • Shake the pen like a wand;
  • Release the button at the end of the gesture.

Air Actions

These three steps should be done in one movement and if it doesn't work just try again until you become familiar with the movement. Up to six gestures can be set for each app, including up, down, right, left, clockwise and counterclockwise. Each of these performs a different function within the app. good to remember that in non-native apps for Air Action, clockwise and counterclockwise gestures cannot be used.

Air Actions configuration

Air Actions

Setting up the functionality is very simple and requires a few easy steps:

  • Go on Settings and scroll to Advanced functions;
  • Touch the option S-Pen and therefore Air Actions;
  • A list of the various compatible apps is shown. Touch the icon of the app for which you want to configure the Aerial Actions;
  • Scroll down to the entry Gestures, where you can set the various actions to be performed for the different movements up, down, right, left and rotations.

Upon exiting the menu, the new settings are automatically saved.

Which apps can be used

There are two types of apps you can use:

  • Those you find in the Air Actions section in the settings menu, including Samsung Camera, Google Chrome and others individually configurable;
  • App for playing multimedia content, such as the player on Google Play or YouTube. For this type of app, gestures are universal.

The Air Actions and the S-Pen are in a still larval state and these small functions are only tests to try to understand which other more important functions can be added. We hope to see more of them that are really useful soon.

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