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Weather Machine, the "new" weather forecast for iPhone and touch

The applications for the weather forecast perhaps one of the most crowded categories of applications among those on the App Store, so much so that it is difficult to distinguish one from the other the various programs that overlap not only for functionality but also for interface. This risk is not taken by purchasing Weather Machine, which appeared in Apple's online store in these hours, and the work of the very Italian Massimiliano Torregiani.

If, in fact, the program in its substance does not work very differently from other applications for weather forecasting, the method of exploration and display of contents and the innovative graphics are completely different.

In Weather Machine you set a location (you can enter up to 10 different at the same time) or you allow iPhone to locate our position and the program goes in search of a long series of information, not only the forecast for the day but also those of the following days. And at this point the originality of Weather Machine starts: in the temporal exploration of the days and sections of the day and in the way in which they are "packaged" and then presented on the screen. If, in fact, the main screen offers a view of the current state of the meteorological weather, by operating the virtual buttons you literally travel in chronological time.

In addition to viewing the current weather conditions (which occupy the main part of the screen) below we find the summary of the weather for the next five days with an explanatory icon and maximum and minimum temperatures; on the right we find the "navigator" that allows us to explore the following days in depth. Where you see a "pi" sign, by double-tapping, you enter the "explosion" of the day divided into four moments (morning, afternoon, evening and night). In all, there are 48 different "states" of the forecasts that are updated 4 times a day with the information coming from the weather stations (58 thousand those that Weather Machine draws from). The information provided is disparate: atmospheric pressure, possibility of percentage of rainfall, humidity, wind, sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, moon rising and setting, UV index.

Among the functions to be highlighted, the touch control with the ability to browse through the various days, the intuitive selection of weather stations near the place where we are and the possibility of having, simply by orienting the iPhone or iPod touch horizontally , a map with time on the main cities of a vast territory (Europe in our case). The location can also be entered manually not only by typing in the place but using latitude and longitude; Finally, it is also possible to place our image as a background, drawing it from the camera roll.

Although, as mentioned, Weather Machine, technically does not do much different than what other weather forecast programs do, from the first screen it shows an unusual care for the graphic aspect and the details; colors, icons, animations are among the most captivating that we have ever seen in a program of this type, so much so that it pushes us to use them even when, perhaps, we have already had all the information we wanted. One of the aspects to underline the attention of the developer in creating a look and feel that not only respects that typical of the iPhone interface, but recalls some typical traits of the Apple operating system interface with plenty of transparency and even a wink at Time Machine (which Weather Machine also mentions in the title) with the sequence of days that are placed one behind the other. If you wanted to go in search of some defect you could find it in the need to get used to an interface that is not too usual and to memorize gestures different from one another according to the information we want to have.

Weather Machine, also available in Italian, costs 2.99 euros. Below is a video showing how Weather Machine works.