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Vision and Studio Vision freeware: Audio and Midi also for Mac OS 9.2.2

Vision and Studio Vision freeware: Audio and Midi also for Mac OS 9.2.2 logomacitynet1200wide 1

Vision DSP 4.5.1 and Studio Vision Pro 4.5.1 are freely downloadable from the Opcode website and more precisely from this page: the need for a previous version of the applications is indicated but in reality these are fully functional installations. had stopped the further software update in 1999 and therefore there is no guarantee of compatibility with Mac OS 9 or later: the indication is to run it on Mac OS 8.6 or lower but we invite our readers to Gianfranco Carone reported: "I still use the Vision DSP 4.5 with the mac OS 9.2.2 and with the MOTU 828 Firewire card and it's still a myth !!! The practicality and the easy understanding in the use of the functions I have not found more in the new and more current sequencers ".

The applications were previously protected with the PACE system which gave problems to different users with the most recent Macs: obviously in the current release there is no protection. Obviously the software does not have any technical support. (Update) Warning! If you do not have one of the previous versions, even protected, you cannot access all the functionality of the software that requires the "engine" for the management of digital audio developed by Opcode: Acadia.

Note that Doug Wyatt, the "brain" of Opcode, now works at Apple and takes care of the CoreMidi section of Mac OS X.

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