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Universal launches new films in theaters and at home rentals on the same day

For years the film majors have been studying a solution to launch new films at the same time both in cinemas and digitally rented for viewing at home, but more or less concrete plans and projects have always been wrecked against the opposite wall by the associations of exhibitors of the cinemas. The turning point once again starts from the USA where Universal has announced that in the next few days it will launch its new films both in cinemas (few) and for rental at home. For once, the novelty will be available not only in the United States but also in other countries.

The next Universal releases for both cinema and rental will begin on Friday 20 March with Invisible Man, Emma and The Hunt which will also be followed by DreamWorks' cartoon film Trolls World Tour arriving from April 10 in the USA. Of course, with the forced closings of all public places, cinemas included, for the coronavirus emergency, only a limited number of rooms will be open, while the epidemic is spreading on a global scale and an increasing number of countries adopt closures and restrictions on travel.

universal cinema rental

Instead of postponing the launch of these films, Universal has decided to release them simultaneously for both cinema and rental, making them available for viewing to a much wider audience. In the USA the rental will take place through the Comcast cable TV service, owned by NBCUniversal, but the good news that will also be released internationally through a Wide variety of the most popular on-demand services. At the time of writing the names of the platforms have not yet been revealed, but among the most popular hypotheses are Vudu, iTunes and Apple TV, also Amazon Video.

The company declares that the rental price for each film will be $ 19.99 in the USA, or equivalent in the local currency, therefore in Italy around 18 euros, the sum that offers a rental for a 48-hour window. For this reason, what for years has been impossible for the film majors, now seems to arrive due to the effect of coronavirus: new films simultaneously in cinemas and for rent for now seem like an emergency solution, perhaps destined to disappear when the situation returns to normal .

Halloween, many thrilling movies on offer on iTunes

In any case, this is a potentially revolutionary novelty for the entertainment industry and, we are sure, we will talk about it again in the next few days. Other production and distribution companies could follow the first step of Universal Pictures, so the release of new films between cinema and rental could remain even after the emergency and become the norm.

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