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Todo: activities and checklists for fanatics of the organization

On the iPhone there is no standard utility that allows you to insert activities and tasks to be carried out, organizing everything through checklists to which you can then apply check marks as the various operations are completed. These are the programs of the "To Do" category, rendered in Italian with Activities. Todo (name that a program) of Appigo one of the best solutions in circulation for iPhone and touch that offers this practical function on Apple's multi touch paperbacks, an inexplicable absence for users who have used this function since the appearance of the first handhelds.

Once the initial purchase price barrier of 7.99 euros has been overcome, it is practically immediately discovered that Todo offers a complete, almost impressive set of functions. The user can enter dozens and even hundreds of activities to be completed by dividing them into different sections, such as school, home, work, leisure, shopping and any other kind. Todo's flexibility is evident in the ability to manage secondary activities within each item, in the user's freedom to change the display order and priorities of the various projects on the fly. The software offers various choices regarding the graphic symbols to mark the most urgent or the most important activities.

Whether it is a complex work project containing numerous secondary deadlines, passing through single simple activities, up to the reminder with the complete shopping list, Todo shows its versatility in any type of employment and activity, professional or private. Thanks to the rapid insertion, it is also possible to create long lists of activities, or objects to buy in a few moments. You write the entry with the virtual keyboard, press enter and you are immediately ready to insert the following entry. No repeated steps to enter and exit the typing mode, with unnecessary waiting to see the iPhone virtual keyboard disappear and appear.

The details that make Todo a valuable tool for iPhone and touch users are still numerous. For example, remember operations and activities already ready, written in Italian that the user can simply select to insert them on the fly in their programming, 30 different graphic styles to choose from to mark the completed activities, finally the possibility of synchronizing with external services and software .

In particular, we remind you that Mac users can download the Appigo Sync program for free, thanks to which it is possible to synchronize the commitments between Todo on iPhone and touch and iCal activities. Developers announce that similar PC software for synchronizing with Outlook will also be available soon. Still Todo also works with online services for the management of activities such as Toodledo and Remember The Milk, the latter requires a professional paid account.

Todo for iPhone and touch can be purchased from this App Store page at a price of 7.99 euros. Users interested in this program can try the free version. Below is a YouTube video where you can directly observe the main functions of Todo.