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Tim changes iPhone rates again

This morning the news, anticipated by our site, of the change in Tim's iPhone rates, this evening (as Roberto Spatola points out to us) a new variation that still modifies the commercial proposal reserved by the largest national mobile operator for owners of Apple.

The most important news of the last hour concern the Tuttocompreso 35 and Tuttocompreso 90 rates. The first one this morning had, as can be seen from the two tables that we present a little below, 250 minutes included, the same amount that the iPhone 250 had previously ; now after the changes made it has 50 minutes less per month (200 minutes). The Tuttocompreso 90 instead has now 1000 minutes included and no more 900.

Among the other details that now appear clarified with an asterisk, the fact that the minutes included towards operator Three are 200 for Tuttcompreso 60 for Tuttocompreso 90 and 500 for Tuttcompreso Unlimited. Note also that the 100 minutes included in European roaming disappear from Unlimited.

Overall and after the news of the evening it can be said that the restructuring leads to a lowering of the entrance price for those who want an iPhone at a subsidized price.

Previously, you had to spend 30 euros a month, now just 15 is enough. The "first price" also drops substantially for an offer with a bundle of minutes. Before it took 50 euros, now it only takes 35. The 30% drop in the price is "paid" for with 20% less minutes of voice calls and with the disappearance of 100 SMS (previously included). If you want you can add 5 euros to put 200 SMS with a services card, but at this point, despite having 100% more SMS, the savings are reduced to 20% (and the 20% cut remains for the minutes included).

The 60 euro tariff offers more or less the same services as the previous 80 euro tariff. The 200 SMS included are recovered with the 5 euros of the services card. Depending on whether you choose less to buy SMS, the savings between 18 and 25%.

In the comparison between the iPhone 900 (110 euros) and the Tuttocompreso 90 (90 euros) there is less savings. It ranges from 18% if you don't take SMS to nothing if you want to recover all the 900 SMS that had the previous rate; at that point, in fact, two 10-euro service cards must be purchased (600 SMS each), making the cost rise to the previous 110 euro. At that point you will have 1200 SMS (+ 33%) but you will not pay anything less, although it is true that the rate includes 11% more minutes of voice calls.

Finally, in the light of the new tariffs, Unlimited changes very little, perhaps even less convenient. It costs 180 euros instead of 200 euros (-10%) but loses all 1500 SMS and 100 minutes of roaming. In fact, to recover the SMS of the previous rate (which was 1500) you have to spend 210 euros. At that point you will have 1800 SMS (+ 20%) but you will not have recovered the 100 minutes in roaming. (The article continues after the image)

On balance and beyond adjustments, therefore, are the rates cheaper or not? The answer depends on the price range of interest and the type of use.

For those who use SMS intensively and aim for a rate with many minutes included, little or even nothing changes. For those who use little SMS and want to spend as little as possible there are savings opportunities compared to the previous rates. For example, to have an iPhone at 199 or 269 euros, now you just have to spend 360 euros in two years instead of 720 euros in two years. To get a rate with minutes the expense of 840 euros (or 960 if you include SMS) instead of 1200 euros.

The most interesting aspect, therefore, that Tim, as mentioned, lowered the entry price for the iPhone, bringing it to the level of that of other countries.

As known Macity has claimed from the beginning that the many reviled "salatissimo tariffs" for iPhone in Italy were not really such and had shown it with tables from which it clearly emerged that the cost of daily possession of the iPhone, for equal services , was not much different from that required in other countries. The real limit of the Italian rates, Vodafone and Tim did not make a difference, always the lack of an opportunity to purchase the iPhone without being obliged to simultaneously buy a subscription with many minutes and many SMS, thus paying a high annual fee. With the Tuttocompreso 35 Tim closes this hole. Not surprisingly, this happens in the vicinity of the very likely announcement of a new iPhone model …