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Tiger Woods PGA Tours for iPhone and iPod touch

Tiger Woods PGA Tours for iPhone and iPod touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

Electronic Arts, with a few days late compared to the American store, has also made available on the App Store Italy Tiger Woods PGA Tour. The game, as easy to guess from the title, focuses like the entire franchise around the Tiger Woods figure, super champion of golf.

In Tiger Woods PGA Tour you play against Toger Woods himself or in his shoes on a very realistic 3D scenario. The figures of the golfers and the game system are also realistic. Also on iPhone and iPod touch comes the swing control already seen on the PC version, only here all managed from the touch screen. EA uses special feedback that allows you to change the drag in order to perform the perfect shot.

The playing field visible from different "cameras", there are 7 of the most famous "greens" in the world and realistic sounds with audio commentary by two Golf Channel commentators.

The game allows you to build your own golfer and then start your career. In the course of the game, you move from one field to another, earning money according to your records. The money is used to buy new skills and equipment to improve one's style.

Tiger Woods PGA Tours costs € 7.99 and can be downloaded from here

Below is a video that provides an idea of ​​how Tiger Woods PGA Tour works,

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