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The Time Machine exists: for TV.

The Time Machine exists: for TV. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Invented by Bill Hendershot, Time Machine, a device that compresses television movies in an extremely intelligent way. To the full advantage of advertising spaces, this device manages to compress video frames when it recognizes a redundancy of two adjacent images. It has been calculated that on a half-hour program (actually 22 minutes, without advertising) the Time Machine manages to make room for an additional 30-second advertising spot. Obviously the advertising is not compressed because the customer pays 30 seconds and not 29. 100 Time Machines sold to US televisions so far, each costing $ 93,000 but no one complained of the results (proving to repay the machine in 3 months of operation): the gain for a commercial of 30 seconds more than conventional times means 250 dollars, 4 commercials a day = $ 1,000, in a month $ 30,000 and then $ 90,000 in 3 months. This is a revolution that does not it affects only TV but also radios, given that a similar system of use has been applied to Cash. Prime Image markets them both.

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