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The smart world becomes concrete: Netatmo Welcome stops a thief in the house

the thief who a few days ago sneaked into Mr. D.'s house while the inhabitants were out was a little clumsy and all too sure of himself: he did not know that the entrance was controlled by a smart video camera, the Netatmo Welcome model of which we of Macitynet we already spoke a few months ago with a complete test.

Once the thief was seen, as it was probably not possible to perform a facial recognition, the camera promptly sent a video message to the owner's cell phone, which acted immediately and accordingly. And thanks to the facial recognition and accurate notifications and punctual received on my smartphone, which I discovered that a stranger was in my house. I immediately understood that a thief had entered the house. I called the police, who arrived home and immediately arrested the criminal. This person was arrested on the spot.,explains Mr. D.

If, on the other hand, a family member had entered the house, the room would have recognized him and would not have sent unnecessary warnings: the artificial intelligence that regulates the software of the modelWelcome the real difference that makes smart products a step ahead of more classic systems , which can in any case coexist, integrating with the smart world.

The testimony of Mr. D. perfectly shows how customers benefit from artificial intelligence, because it makes our homes smarter. AI technology integrated into our daily lives, offering new services that make life better, says Fred Potter, Netatmo founder and CEO.

Netatmo distributed in Italy by Innovation. It is also found on Amazonscontata.

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