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The government confirms: electrical and electronic products are basic necessities

An interpretative circular from the Ministry of the Interior confirms the status of basic necessities for electrical and electronic products, specifying opening days and times during the coronavirus emergency in our country.

In partial reform with respect to what is indicated in circular March 12, 2020, the Ministry has now specified that following discussions with the Prime Minister, with the competent Ministers and with some Prefects most concerned, the authorization to keep open for non-food stores that however sell basic necessities (including household appliances and electronics) excluded for festive and pre-festive days.

The same circular also prescribes that the supermarkets in shopping centers can open on holidays and pre-holidays only for the sales areas of pharmaceutical products, parapharmaceuticals and foodstuffs.

Please remember that the Prime Ministerial Decree of 11 March 2020 in defining the types of points of sale for which there is no obligation to suspend activities, or those listed in Annex 1 of the same provision, has also repealed the provision referred to in letter r) of art. 1 of the previous Prime Ministerial Decree of March 8, 2020 which provided for the closure of the stores located within shopping centers and medium and large structures, even if independent, over the weekend.

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Therefore the exhibiting companies:

  • Non – specialized retail trade in computers, peripherals, telecommunications equipment, audio and video consumer electronics, household appliances and
  • Retail trade of IT and telecommunications equipment (ICT) in specialized stores (ateco code: 47.4)

they are not required to suspend their sales activities but are subject to limitations on the opening days. It is confirmed that the definition of non-specialists adopted by the Legislator for the purpose of not excluding from the list of authorized operators companies that for various reasons may have ATECO codes other than 47.4 and following. The standard includes every retailer of these products regardless of the size and sales formats.

Obviously, all provisions regarding the safety of workers and consumers are reserved, that is, the distance of at least one meter between patrons. Obviously, independent companies and centralized organizations will have the option of orienting themselves independently in relation to the suspension, remodeling or continuation of their activities, informing the Customers.

Aires and Ancra Confcommercio hope that the Civil Protection can make individual protection devices (the so-called Safety Kit) available to all workers as soon as possible, in order not only to increase the protection of everyone's health as much as possible, but also to allow as much as possible the continuation of production, distribution and provision of essential services is possible.

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