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The best apps to pick up from Android smartphones

marzo 19, 2020

By now the old ones personal ads to find the soul mate they were replaced by dating app. In the last 10 years, these applications have seen a significant increase, initially started in the United States but which have gradually spread all over the world and used by users without distinction of age, gender and sexual preferences. Nowadays, for every type of person there is an application that runs to his aid.

Thanks to technology, we have seen how everyday life has turned into something very simple, so why not take advantage of this possibility also to look for the ideal boyfriend or girlfriend?

Although often and willingly dating app they are associated with something not very serious, unspoken that by using them you cannot find a soul mate. In this article, we decided to group them together best apps to tow directly from your Android smartphone.


Instead of wasting time browsing hundreds of photos left and right until you find the person you want, ounces proposes certain profiles based on your preferences. In particular, thedating app proposes only one person per day that you can approve or disapprove of. This concept of slow dating takes place through a very particular process since there are real people behind that analyze in detail the preferences of each user to find new potential knowledge.


Between the best apps to tow we decided to include this particular service where women are the masters. In fact, the first step can only be taken by women, who can leave a message of approach to the appropriate male figure.

If it is not accepted, the request will be canceled after 24 hours, so you will not risk being contacted after months. The idea behind this project is certainly interesting as it allows female people to use the application without having to worry about having to run into stalker.


Tinder one of dating app most popular available at the moment. It is very simple to use because it allows men and women to browse the images inserted by the person who lives in the same city. The profile composed of maximum 6 photos and for each possible to apply a sign of appreciation (a green heart or a red X). When the two people show a mutual interest, it will be possible to start chatting and maybe decide to meet.


Between the best apps to tow we decided to include also OkCupid. We are talking about one of the few dating app software that does not require Facebook registration. All you need to do, in fact, create a username and complete your profile. If you want, you can connect your personal Instagram account.

OkCupid it is based on a question system which creates a percentage score according to the answers given. In this way, compatibility with other users is created. To look for someone that interests you, just go up Match or Quickmatch. These two options allow you to limit the results to photos only and to perform a faster and more direct search. A premium version is also available which allows you to see over 5 people.


Snapchat a very popular social network that allows you to share videos and stories with friends. This is a very fun and above all safe service as it allows you to exchange messages and photos that last a maximum of 24 hours. After this deadline, both messages and sent files are automatically deleted. Another interesting feature proposed by Snapchat that can be set for how many seconds the image must remain shared with contacts.


Lovoo a'app to tow particularly famous among the youngest and offers the opportunity to get in touch with people in the area. You can see a series of photos and express your appreciation. To find people close to your location you need to activate the function Radar. This shows photos of men or women near the location you have set. Once you find the right person, Lovoo provides a real chat which allows you to interact with him or her.


happn was born with the aim of trying to make you chat with a man or woman who hit you on the street or at a party. When two people meet, and both have the same application installed on the smartphone, the event is recorded with a lot of place, date and time of the meeting. The moment they both leave a like, then the chat will be activated where you can start talking.

Be Linked

Between the best dating apps we decided to also include this interesting service that allows you to find the next girlfriend or boyfriend taking advantage of LinkedIn, the most famous professional social network. In particular, Be Linked take advantage of the various professional skills to find the right person.


Badoo one of the most famous services in this category and today can also be used through the application. Here you can get noticed and contact other users in an easier way. The subscription to the service takes place through the personal Facebook profile, from which the most important information such as interests and hobbies in common are taken in order to find the potential partner. One of the most useful features of Badoo that you can accept invitations and contacts only from certified users, that is, registered only with real data.


Even if it doesn't come close to Tinder, Meetic has over 40 million users worldwide. Just think that more than 7000 members come only from France. The official application promises to find other singles to meet. For those who use the online service, the app allows you to take advantage of the profile already in use without having to create a new one.

Settle for love

Between the best apps to tow we decided to include also Settle for love. This service is mainly based on sincerity, therefore aimed especially at those who do not want to be taken for a ride. In addition to the classic information (such as name, photos and personal tastes), the application also allows you to insert defects and obsessions.


Rather than wandering through a plethora of strangers, this service only searches for your future partner among friends of Facebook friends.


We close the article on best apps to tow with Grindr. With its 5 million active users in 196 countries, the service focuses on a specific target: men only. The main screen of the software immediately shows the photos of the writings and those of the individual profiles with a personalized description. There paid version, in addition to eliminating advertising, it allows you to view a greater number of profiles.

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