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The best 5 applications for documents

We all know how powerful and versatile modern smartphones are, but when it comes to productivity? If you need to always carry yours documents to view them or change quickly, know that Android provides powerful document management tools that will not make you regret the corresponding PC programs.

From the point of view of the official Android applications a little lacking, but on the Play Store you can download many third-party applications forscan, edit, create or email any document. If you are wondering which of these applications you should download to best meet your needs, today we are meeting you by drawing up a list of the best Android apps to download for documents, so as to provide you with a general overview of what the Play Store offers.

The best apps to create, edit and send documents


WPS Office - Free Editor for PDF, Word, Excel & PPT

WPS Office the best among the various Android app for office, this because it provides quality functionality while being absolutely free. The app allows file management for storage and subsequent viewing and allows you to easily read PDF files. You can edit, create and view almost all types of documents, whether you need to create a presentation with images or a complex spreadsheet. WPS Office will offer you the tools for everything, including the support for Bluetooth and USB keyboards to make the job much easier and faster.


CamScanner - Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner a great application if you need to scan documents but don't have one scanner handy. What makes the app take a clean photo of documents in order to create a readable image, this makes it better than the standard Android camera. CamScanner uses its own algorithm forcrop and improve the image, which will allow you to do crisp scans in a few moments. By purchasing the paid version of the application, you will remove the advertisements and watermarks.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Do you need a simple file editor? You are lucky, because Google Drive it has everything. You can save documents in the Cloud, open them and edit them as you wish. You can create text files, tables or presentations and save them as files accessible from Word or Excel. The best part is that the Cloud Storage completely free and accessible from any PC browser. No matter where you are, you can always carry your documents with you.

But not only that, possible too share documents with multiple people simultaneouslyto access and edit files, making collaboration easier. Google Drive is a must have the need to save important images, documents or files online.

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OfficeSuite 8 Pro

OfficeSuite Pro + PDF (Trial)

OfficeSuite 8 Pro offers many features never seen before in a mobile app and, if you are an expert in Word, Excel or create presentationsand you are looking for an application that can provide you with advanced features, then this is a must for you. The app is supplied with full support for tablets, this means that you can exploit the application to its fullest potential even on larger screens.

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OpenDocument Reader

OpenDocument Reader - for LibreOffice documents

If you need a good one ODF document reader, then you should try OpenDocument Reader. The application recommended especially for students who have digital copies of textbooks and who want to keep them handy at all times. No matter how large the file is, OpenDocument Reader always fast and quick, and also, the well-made and easy-to-use graphical interface.

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