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The 5 best apps for saving energy

Smartphones and tablets are currently constantly evolving with regards to pure power and performance, unfortunately for, are consuming more and more battery. Although we can not do anything about the actual capabilities of the battery, it is possible to manage its use with the best apps for saving energy.

Many flagship smartphones are equipped with quad-core or even octa-core processors and large amounts of RAM, but the batteries still use the same technology introduced many years ago. Batteries have chemical limits and require the necessary time to be 100% recharged. The only thing that manufacturers can do at the moment to increase the size of the batteries, this is the reason why we have compiled a list of the best applications that, even if they do not double the battery charge, will help you at least to make it last longer.

How to increase battery life on Android

Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn (Free)

Battery Widget Reborn the best app on our list, because it provides almost everything at a very affordable price. The free application already offers most of the features, but we advise you to purchase the paid version as you will support developmental projects and contribute to improving it. It has a widget for the battery monitoringwhich, once plugged, will provide you with a complete battery analysis, starting from the various statistics on charge cyclesup to the overall battery performance.

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Tasker an app that has a lot of potential, not strictly an application to increase battery life, but if used properly it can lead to surprising results. Basically, the app tells the device what to do and when to do it, for example, it is possible to terminate almost all applications when connecting the headset. The micromanaging pusembrarecomplessoperaluni, but for those who wish to have absolute control of their smartphone, Tasker the best application on the Play Store.

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Battery - Battery

Battery an elegant application minimalist, has a humble design and an intuitive user interface. There are icons for quick access and some large information panels. While this doesn't help much to save battery power, the app compensates by providingdetailed information on use. support for Android 1.5 and above is present, and finally, the application consumes very few system resources.

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Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

Is your smartphone not as responsive as when you bought it? Then you need to install Battery Doctor. The application offers advanced options ofCPU management, to close the useless applications in the background, and in addition, there are 3 unique charging modes, which will help you better manage the battery of your smartphone. Finally, there is an advanced mode for expert users and the possibility to easily plan the mode of energy saving.

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Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster Easy Battery Saver

Kaspersky Battery Life: Saver & Booster

Kaspersky Battery Life the free energy saving tool that will help you increase the autonomy of Android smartphones and tablets. Automatically monitors each running app, offering detailed measurementsfor any activity, from talk time to video playback, and in addition, numerous optimization mode make it one of the most reliable applications around.

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