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The 5 best Android Beam applications to make the best use of NFC

Over the years and the continuous evolution of technology, new methods are always sought to carry out even the simplest tasks, as in the case of tagNFC (Near Field Communication), which can be programmed and used to automate daily activities, memorizing a series of actions and associating them with your smartphone via the sensor on the back of the device. But what are the best apps to make the most of NFC technology?

Android Beam: here are the 5 best apps for NFC tags



Triggeras the name suggests, an app that triggers predefined actions when certain conditions are met. The application is not dedicated to NFC, but uses technology in a creative way.

look TV programs on mobile while having breakfast / dinner? Please enter a NFC tag under the tablecloth, simply put your smartphone on the table and bam! MX Player opens automatically. Easy, right? The app does not consume many system resources and works in the background, in addition, the user-friendly graphical interface.

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NFC Tools

NFC Tools

If you want more control over NFC tags, NFC Tools it could be the right application for you. the Swiss army knife of Android Beam applications as it helps to manage NFC tags very effectively. It allows you to perform advanced operations such as saving a GPS position in an NFC tag or easily disable mobile data.

But not only that, possible configure Bluetooth connections and also save SMS, and finally, it is possible to customize practically every aspect of the application. The paid version of the app allows you to import data directly from the NFC tag itself, this makes it easier to edit an existing tag instead of starting the whole process over again.

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NFC TagInfo

NFC TagInfo by NXP

As you can guess from the name, NFC TagInfowill help you get all the information about NFC tags. By placing your smartphone on a tag you will know that action been assigned and by whom. This Android Beam application supports almost all major types of NFC tags available on the market today. Furthermore, even if the graphic interface of the application is not the best, it is still quite functional.

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AppBeam – App Transfer

AppBeam - App Transfer

If you are looking for something simple for transfer app via Android Beam, AppBeam – App Transfer what's right for you, as it allows you to establish a Bluetooth connection with a simple one NFC handshake.The interface of the application simple and intuitive and all you need to do to share an app, select it from the sharing menu and choose the sharing mode.

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eID - NFC Visitenkarten

Imagine meeting someone and needing to exchange business cards. WitheID – NFCsimply touch the phones together to automatically perform this simple operation. This will help you save yourself the trouble of actually wearing i business cards printed.

Register a new ticket really simple, moreover, you can organize tickets in different categories. The best part of the app is the ability to run the data backup in the form of vCard. This will allow you to use other applications to manage vCards and access information very easily.

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