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Tesla like Apple, who changes the cards on the table wins

When those who signed this article started writing about Apple-related things, it was a time when the personal computer had not yet reached today's levels of penetration. Let alone tablets and smartphones, which did not exist. It was a time when innovation could be seen from afar, when the important things that happened had the potential to change our lives. And they did it.

Apple's trajectory proved to be one of the most important of our century: it was not obvious but success. The individual innovations that this company has managed to put together and bring to the market are among the most significant of our time. Evidently in the IT field she was not the only one, but certainly there was no one else capable of doing more. The merit of Steve Jobs, and his collaborators.

Long introduction to talk about another company, Tesla. A company that produces electric cars. An American company, or rather a Californian one, which everyone gave to be little more than a toy, but which is proving to be something completely different. It is proving to be a truly innovative company and is really changing the cards on the table.

You have read the chronicles of the launch of model 3 on Macity, and if you go to see the comments you will find a lot of division and polarization of opinions: a lot of passion and a lot of appreciation but also a lot of criticism. Tesla somehow unites but also divides. Remind you of something?

Tesla as apple Tesla model 3

We know within certain limits how the automotive industry works, we know what an innovative role it had at the beginning of the twentieth century, but we also know how it has completely lost its ability to innovate and what was the deleterious impact it had on development of our society, of our cities, and what impact it has also had on our own health.

The car is a myth, artificially constructed by its major manufacturers: a symbol of freedom, a symbol of the possibility of going wherever you want, the cowboy horse, but also a completely different thing, in reality. a tool that pollutes, that devastates the environment, that makes cities and road courses absolutely dangerous. Neither the thermal engine nor the road network that carries it is efficient. Years ago an American science fiction writer had written a story in which he imagined a planet dominated by the cult of a dark dirty and smoky, smelly divinity, which claimed hundreds of thousands of human sacrifices every year. That divinity was the car that pollutes, dangerous, kills, which also devastates the environment and the landscape.

Beyond the rhetoric against cars, we must also look at the facts: the very low rate of innovation of car manufacturers, what they have done has been to continue to improve existing products but regardless of what impact they could have on the environment. And the hybrid car solution is actually not a solution. a Gattopardian way to change only something trying not to change anything. It is no coincidence that the change is taking place elsewhere.

It is Google, perhaps Apple and some other companies that are trying to build self-driving electric cars. But above all Tesla that cars really built them: fully electric cars without ties and ties with those of traditional manufacturers, which are linked to a business model and a sensitivity towards the environment, industrial cycles and safety that has now become a wreck from the past. A dangerous wreck on which there are also stranded.

What Tesla did, and the entrepreneur who founded it, was to carry out a logical and rational growth plan, starting with the most expensive and exclusive cars that could guarantee a return to finance progressive innovation and build machines gradually increasingly performing within everyone's reach: with the Tesla 3 this happens now, that is within two years.

The return from the impressive market. Pre-orders for nearly nine billion dollars worth, almost half a billion already in cash. The writer had the opportunity to see, touch and try the Tesla S. And he had a very strong feeling, which is perhaps worth sharing, as has already happened on the net with others who have had the same opportunity. Because the sensation, despite all the limits and the first indecisions of an innovation still in its debut, in reality gigantic: we are facing a gigantic revolution. A revolution that changes the very idea of ​​mobility and that will be that, real and not inflated by the capital of fortune and by the dreams of futurologists, which we will see during our life. And on our roads.

The Tesla S is a car that hardly compares with the high-end sedans currently in circulation. In the humble opinion of the writer, there is no comparison with a Mercedes, or with a BMW. Not to mention the local cars. The quality, the level, the power, the reliability, but also the many innovations, starting from the possibility of updating the software and adding new functions remotely, make the Tesla a machine designed by completely different heads who also know how to do you make cars. The opposite, that is, heads that know how to make cars but innovate with technology, apparently there are none.

After returning from a short trip to California with the owner of one of these cars, in reality little more than an hour's walk, we can say one thing serenely: the writer does not have a conventional car and does not intend to buy it. But when he has the availability and the time and the opportunity, if he buys one, he will surely be a Tesla or something that is comparable to this car. And what we think hundreds of thousands if not millions of people are thinking. Realize it: a fact. Revolutions are like this. We who know Apple well know it.