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Swine fever: spread and information on iPhone and touch

Swine fever: diffusion and information on iPhone and touch logomacitynet1200wide 1

The integrated functions and the web connection of the iPhone and touch used to inform the user with any update available on swine fever. IntuApps developers said they submitted the Swine Flu Tracker program to Apple for admission to distribution through the App Store.

The program will be completely free and, in addition to displaying the level of threat achieved and a brief description of the World Health Organization, it displays the various cases ascertained on a world map, indicating them with a red placeholder. With a tap it will be possible to read the details of the case with updated data via the Google Maps RSS. Also starting from the program, it will then be possible to consult the main sources of information on swine fever.

The developers finally stated that Apple usually takes one or two weeks for the approval procedure but that, considering the worldwide attention to the disease, it is possible that the times will be reduced, so the publication is expected shortly.

Thanks for the report to Cristian

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