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Smart Honeywell Y87 Thermostat Review: alone or with Evohome, it controls the temperature from a smartphone

Temperature regulation and boiler management through smart systems are now in fact a convenience and an indispensable economic benefit for anyone who is familiar with the smartphone and wants to take advantage of its services to program heating automatically or in general daily or automatically the temperature of the house or part of it.

Honeywell has long had the Evohome solution on the market that we have tried extensively on these pages but if we simply want to manage only one area of ​​our home via smartphone there is a less expensive and articulated solution that is based on the same basic components and on a wall thermostat pleasant in appearance but essential in the controls: this is the Y87 thermostat.

Screenshot 2016-09-28 10.57.19

At the same time, the device can become part of an Evohome system with main thermostat and valves when we want to automate an entire area of ​​the house (the rumpus room, the garage) already distributed in the original system without necessarily having to equip each radiator with its own valve. .

In both cases, you can have a saving on consumption compared to a non-smart system and you can choose a cheaper and better articulated Evohome solution while having all the comforts of Total Connect Confort software than the real plus of the solution. of the software our test would only repeat the ample indications that we gave you in our Evohome test but we can add that over time the software has become even more reliable and comfortable and that it communicates with suddenness even sudden interruption of the connection with the internet .

Screenshot 2016-09-28 11.06.16In addition, we must add that with the IFTTT integration, the system that allows you to combine together the different capacities of home automation systems and accessories that have an internet access now even easier to manage.

In fact, Honeywell Y87 is also compatible with the IFTTT (If This Then That) application to associate the thermostat with other connected devices such as the GPS position of your smartphone to create a geofencing system or the management of an external weather station that can help you anticipate switching on in cases of sudden weather events

If you already have an Evohome installation, the gateway already present could be sufficient for both management capacity and capacity and you can thus equip a zone control simply with the basic configuration.

But let's get to the packaging and the device.

The packaging

We received two distinct boxes: one with the basic kit (relay and thermostat) and one with the additional gateway for a test. on the complete remote control system.

The relay, a simple quite anonymous box with a button and two LEDs, connects to the boiler control, perhaps replacing a less intelligent thermostat than you previously had and must have power: it will communicate in this way with the Y87 regulation system which, equipped with of fleece, it can be placed anywhere in the room, perhaps right near the point where you want to match the greater thermal comfort to a more precise setting (your sofa, the living room table, the bedside table of the most popular bedroom ).

Screenshot 2016-09-28 10.57.45

The circular thermostat is backlit when you turn the external wheel in steps of 0.5 degrees: so comfortable to use at night or in poorly lit areas of the house. Maximum and minimum temperature values ​​can also be set to avoid wrong maneuvers by children in the house.

This type of physical regulation has a huge advantage especially for the elderly who are wary of buttons and step manipulations: with a simple movement of the wheel we act directly on the temperature which is clearly visible on the screen.

honeywell y87

The application

The use of the application (which can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or Play Store) is obviously the plus of the system: you will be able to manage the room temperature and the set temperature locally or remotely, change it, create the daily and weekly programming, activate the saving conditions, absence or lower everything by 3 degrees when you are cleaning the house and all, if you want, until the next programmed temperature without having to remember to go back to the thermostat for the next adjustment.

In addition, directly from the application you can both switch off the system completely and consult the weather forecast.

The maximum, as mentioned, is obtained with remote management that allows you to control the system of a country house or holidays with the security of arriving on site with the rooms already warm or to avoid leaving the system on by mistake when you return to city.

At the same time, the home of grandparents or an elderly person can be equipped with a mixed control system: an internal direct and easy to use for those who have difficulty relating to technology and an external one for relatives, children and grandchildren who want to make sure of the correct operation of the system from outside the home.

The savings

We have already illustrated the advantages of a smart regulation of the temperature in the house: it is obvious that through the direct control of the radiators the management and the consequent savings are more accurate but if you want to control areas of the house or the entire system with a low initial cost the single advantageous thermostat and can lead to at least 20/25% savings on annual costs. Among other things, already having an expandable system element like Evohome you can think of expanding it later with valves and a more technological touch controller.


An excellent temperature control system between smart needs and a direct regulation within everyone's reach. Competitive price. Excellent management from the web and fantastic integration with third-party smart home systems including IFTTT.


The relay has a somewhat old-fashioned appearance.


Y87 can be a decisive first step for those who want to approach the world of smart thermal regulation while maintaining an immediate interface within everyone's reach. The application from smartphone at the same time powerful and easy to use and the system can be easily expanded and integrated into many smart home solutions.

Retail price

The Y87 thermostat, in combination with its connection element to the boiler available at the list price of 112 Euro, while the kit with Gateway included available at the price of 183 Euro. Find the two kits also on Amazon.