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Siri opens the doors with August Smart Lock

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Goodbye to the keys with August Smart Lock, a smart lock for the home that allows you to open and close the door with a simple voice command. This accessory compatible with Apple's HomeKit and – reads in the Mashable test – can be controlled remotely from iPhone and Apple Watch.

Compared to similar devices, it is easier and faster to install as it is compatible with any existing lock. Also interesting is the possibility of sending a command even 200 meters away, leaving it waiting: when the user is close enough to the accessory, the system will check and enable the previously sent command. In practice it will be possible to say Siri, open the door while we are fastening our shoes and see the door open only when we are close enough, thus avoiding the inconvenience of having to pull out the phone or interact with the smartwatch.

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

The combined app allows you to add all family members or even temporary guests, thus being able to guarantee them control of the door without having to give any key. In this sense there is also a numeric keypad, an optional accessory, which can be fixed externally to control the smart lock also via PIN code, with the further possibility of creating disposable codes for servants or other people to whom you want to offer a temporary access only.

If you have Apple TV can also use the Siri command, the door locked? to check, even at a distance of hundreds of kilometers, if precisely the door was closed. In combination with August's video door phone, it is also possible to answer the bell while we are away from home and possibly guarantee remote access. Finally, there is the possibility of receiving a notification on your smartphone every time the door is opened, thus keeping all access under control in real time.

August Smart Lock, currently only available in the US, costs $ 199 and compatible with iOS and Android.