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Siberian Strike for iPhone and touch: the Macitynet review

marzo 19, 2020

A black and white film that appears to have been produced by government agencies for Soviet propaganda introduces the delusional but also amusing plot of Siberian Strike. This time the enemy to be defeated is called Stalinbot, no less than a Soviet cyborg intent on conquering the whole of Europe by corrupting the honest workers of the neighboring countries by exporting a dangerous chemically modified vodka. The film subtitled in English thus does not allow those who do not chew to enjoy the delusional-amusing prologue of the game.

This is not an insurmountable problem since with the only exception of the introductory movie, menu items, explanations and settings are entirely localized in our language. From the first moments of the game, Siberian Strike closely resembles the classic games of 1942 and 1943 in the games room of the 1980s. The player pilots a WWII fighter plane that can move freely in the game scenario that runs vertically: below us we will initially encounter only the ocean, followed by combat ships, land stations and much more .

2D and also 3D graphicsAlthough the top view used for most of the game sequences makes the idea of ​​an exclusively 2D creation, Siberian Strike offers an amazing level of graphic detail. The enemy planes that perform maneuvers at lower altitudes than ours move showing details and details that we would expect to find only in a title made entirely in 3D. Same goes for the immense bosses at the end of the level and also for the successful animations that introduce to the next levels. In some passages, the quantity of 3D objects displayed and the details that characterize enemies, ships and bosses makes the miracle cry out on the iPhone and touch.

Easy and efficient control systemA note of merit to Gameloft programmers is also due to the effective and practical default control system. With one finger we control the movements of our plane and the main shot, while taps with other fingers are required only to use the delayed release loading weapon or to use the two bombs that allow you to free the entire screen in a one shot. For casual players and to fool an unexpected break, just one finger is enough to tackle the fastest games. For those who, after being passionate about the title, would like to proceed to the following screens, it may be necessary to place the paperback in order to use a second finger for special weapons if necessary. Still, for those who are not comfortable with touch-screen control, Siberian Strike allows you to control the plane with the accelerometer, an option available in the settings but which we have found less practical than the standard mode.

Pure funSiberian Strike first and foremost an extremely fun title to play: Gameloft managed to rejuvenate one of the most famous and appreciated shooters of the 80s, with a control system, game patterns, enemies and graphics capable of leaving even the weaned editors of Macitynet. The purchase price is a bargain for those who at the time played the originals and want a dip in the fun without too much brain effort. Players who don't know the original titles can still appreciate Siberian Strike for its qualities. That Siberian Strike is a successful title proves the difficulty of abandoning the game once it has started. The variety of enemies, the backdrops and even some completely 3D acrobatic flight sequences hopelessly engage the player. Once completed, the title can be replayed at increasing difficulty levels, moreover, if we have a friend within Wi-Fi range, we can also have fun with starting in double. Recommended without hesitation.

ProExtremely fun and addictive Simple and effective touchscreen controls Incredibly rich and fluid 2D-3D graphics

VersusNobody to detect

Gameloft's Siberian Strike available on this App Store page at a price of 3.99 euros