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San Francisco dictates law: solar panels become mandatory

Hippie and pacifist movement, equal rights, technology and more: once again San Francisco is confirmed as one of the most forward-looking and avant-garde cities and administrations, not only in the USA but also in the world, now making the installation of solar panels mandatory in the new buildings. The law has just been approved and will come into force on January 1, 2017.

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All new buildings built after this date will have to install solar panels on the roof, or solar water heaters, for a minimum area of ​​15%, this for both residential and commercial buildings with a height of less than 10 floors. As Business Insider reports, although the decision of the San Francisco administration has been welcomed practically everywhere, there is no lack of controversy. First of all, it is noted that the overall effect of this obligation is likely to have a limited impact because there are few buildings less than 10 floors.

In addition, the obligation to install solar panels on the roofs risks not meeting everyone's favor, especially taking into account the possible reduction of natural light and lighting for some types of construction. For those who don't want to know about solar panels, the city administration has a valid alternative in the pipeline: the roof surface can also be dedicated to ecological terraces, for example for roof gardens.

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