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Rim: "New Blackberry Storm coming soon"

Rim: "New Blackberry Storm coming soon" logomacitynet1200wide 1

Rim plans another assault on Apple and its iPhone. To announce an authoritative source, the CEO of the Waterloo company: Jim Balsillie. The Storm – said the head of Rim speaking of future plans in the consumer field – was a great success and still sells very well today. But we are preparing something in the same sector.

The Storm has been seen from the beginning as a response to the iPhone. The first reviews were not particularly flattering because of the difficulty in using the clickable touch screen; no coincidence that there is persistent talk of a new Storm with a new generation screen that could be just what Balsillie mentioned.

Rim firmly points to the consumer market that represents the iPhone's target audience. It is a niche – said Balsillie – where we see great potential. Blackberries, which started out as business-specific devices, are gaining huge credit among end consumers. During the last quarter, half of the Rim customers (25 million) were classified as consumer-grade.

Recall that only a few hours ago NPD placed Blackberries at the top of the smartphone ranking. Last quarter Apple was in that position with its iPhone.

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