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Remix "Sounds of The Universe" by Depeche Mode on iPhone

Remix "Sounds of The Universe" by Depeche Mode on iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

Depeche Mode fans will be happy to hear about the "Depeche Mode Sounds of The Universe" application, iPhone and iPod touch software that allows you to personally remix the British band's latest effort.

Once the software has been downloaded, a series of colored bars will be available; just touch them to start exclusive music loops coming directly from the recording sessions of Sounds of The Universe.

It will be possible to choose from numerous loops, to determine your personal taste in remixing the disc: each colored bar corresponds to a different type of loop, which can also be mixed and superimposed.

From the application it will then be possible to access the iTunes Store to download the band's material, follow the dates of the tours and access other information dedicated to the band, such as the biography and selected images.

Anyone interested in downloading Depeche Mode Sounds of The Universe can use the following direct link to the App Store.

We thank Franco Lo Forte for the report

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