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Real multitasking for iPhone, rumors are back

Real multitasking for iPhone, rumors are coming back – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The rumors about multitasking for iPhone are back. To revive the hypothesis of the possibility for the Apple phone to run multiple applications simultaneously, are sites such as Silicon Alley Insider and the usually informed Techcrunch.

Apple, according to the rumors collected by the sites, would be preparing the turning point, limiting the number of simultaneously active programs, reduced to two. It would be up to the user to determine which programs to assign background privilege to, depending on their particular needs. A second hypothesis points to a choice made a priori by Apple which in the process of selecting programs would evaluate which of them allow operation in the background; if the selection process touches Cupertino, the decision would hinge on the load that the programs place on the processor, the bandwidth consumption, the stress on the battery and the risks that make the stability of the system run.

Background operation for iPhone applications is one of the crucial factors in the world of development. As is known, Apple has so far denied programmers this opportunity by claiming that the autonomy and performance of the operating system are at risk. Hence the choice to develop the well-known push notification system, i.e. the ability of applications to receive communications from a remote server that warns the user of certain events. This for may not be enough in the face of what competitors like Palm and Android are doing that allow the real background.

According to Techcrunch and Silicon Alley Insider, Apple has already laid the foundations for starting the innovation and some clues would be found in iPhone 3.0. Not to mention that the operation in the background will arrive simultaneously with the launch of the new operating system whose presentation is scheduled for June or July.

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