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Radeon 7500 and GeForce4, almost draw

Radeon 7500 and GeForce4, almost draw logomacitynet1200wide 1

Better the Radeon 7500 of the PowerMac 800 or the GeForce4 MX of the 933 and dual 1 GHz? The question if they are asking many because the difference in graphics cards could be for a good number of Mac users one of the reasons for choosing one model or another. In the past few hours, the site specialized in the performance of CPU, Xlr8YourMac. The tests are still at an early stage but the answers that come from them may seem a little difficult to interpret. In fact, the differences appear not very evident if not marginal.The GeForce4 MX has an advantage in almost all tests but for the vast majority of cases the result may not be noticeable except with a measurement not made with the naked eye.In Unreal Tournament, for example, the two cards are in fact equivalent with a very slight advantage for GeForce; in Quake III Arena there is an advantage for GeForce that sensitive only to medium resolutions. At low and high resolutions the two graphics processors actually offer identical performance. The results of the popular CineBench 2000 are also very similar. There are no appreciable differences even in G4 TimeDemo, a test that serves to measure the performance of Altivec instructions. A substantial difference is measured only by the ThroughPut 1.5 test which is used to measure bandwidth capacity. of the card. In this case, the GeForce MX dominates the scene but, as Xlr8YourMac explains, this superiority does not translate into almost any practical advantage in terms of concrete performance.Interesting, however, for those who use Apple machines for DTP, the fact that the GeForce4 beats Radeon rather sensibly in PhotoShop scrolling.The answer to an advantage that exists but that is not as evident as one might expect in the category of the chip used by Apple for its Nvidia. It is, as we have explained several times, a GeForce4 MX, the lower end of the new processors, not very different from those in use on the ATI 7500.

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