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QuickTime week

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Get started today, like a series of opening pre-conferences, QuickTime Live! The conference, the largest in the world to have QT and its technologies at the center, will officially start tomorrow with a keynote that will see Phil Schiller, Apple's global marketing manager, on stage. The series of seminars and conferences is held in Beverly Hills and this year should have some mysterious "novelty" not yet revealed at the center. According to most observers, the novelty would be nothing more than a version of QT (5.1) capable of supporting streaming in MPEG-4, a new implementation of the MPEG compression system that is being talked about a lot these days. Apple has provided a series of illustration sessions of the various QT technologies, including a "super secret", as the event program states, during which it could the MPEG-4 version of QuickTime has been announced.

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