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Print directly from iPod, iPad and iPhone to any printer: definitive guide


How to print from iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch: here is the definitive guide with all the available programs

How to print from iPhone, iPod and iPad: here is the perfect guide

Wireless, wireless, wireless: today our whole wireless life. Wireless Internet, wireless controllers for our consoles, wireless keyboards. Virtually every day we are dealing with an avalanche of devices that work perfectly wireless. And obviously, printers are also adapting to the evolution of technology and are allowing users to print their files directly from smartphones and tablets, rightfully wireless.

As we know, currently (and perhaps never will be)It is not possible to connect your iPad, iPhone and iPod directly to a printerto start printing directly and immediately. Fortunately, however, there are several solutions for print wirelessly via iPhone, iPod and iPad.

If you have a wireless printer (any), you can follow this guide easily print from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Those who own an iPhone, iPod or iPad, thanks to the update to iOS 7, have the possibility to print their files wirelessly, wirelessly, but only on some printers selected by Apple. In fact, Apple devices, unlike Android, cannot natively print wirelessly with any printer, but only with models that support AirPrint, the wireless and wireless printing system designed by Apple. Through this guide, for, we're going to see how to print any file wirelessly, then wirelessly, on any printer using an iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Thanks to this guide, therefore, ayou will have the possibility to print all your documents for free wirelessly, using an iPhone, iPod and iPad and connecting to any printer, even those that would not normally be supported by Apple. The great advantage offered by wireless printing is that, to print your photos or documents, you don't have to waste time passing files from iPhone, iPod or iPad to PC or Mac, but you can do everything wirelessly, so extremely fast, simple and immediate. In a world where even a few minutes can make a difference, the ability to directly print photos and documents from iPhone, iPod and iPad will come in handy, I assure you.

Even at home, do you often find yourself surfing the web or reading emails from your iPhone, iPod and iPad? Sometimes you need to print what you see on the phone screen but you still haven't figured it outhow to print from iPhone, iPod and iPad?How about if we try to fix this together? Print documents, photos and web pages fromiPhone, iPod and iPad much easier than you think. You just need to use the right printers or apps: keep reading if you want to find out what they are.

So let's see together how to print directly from iPhone, iPod and iPad wirelessly wirelessly to any printer.

1- Print directly from iPod, iPad and iPhone to any printer: AirPrint

The first (and even more obvious) solution for printing wirelessly from iPhone, iPod and iPad is to use AirPrint, that is, the one designed by Apple but compatible only with certain printers. As we said, AirPrint integrated perfectly in iOS (the operating system of the iPhone, iPod and iPad), so it will work perfectly, but it only works with compatible printers, which you can discover on this page.

To print photos, documents and emails wirelessly from iPhone, iPod and iPad with AirPrint, simply connect your iPhone, iPod and iPad to the same WiFi network as the printer. This way you just have to connect the two devices and start printing the document. Nothing simpler, guaranteed.When the iPad, iPod and iPhone and an AirPrint printer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, the iOS system automatically detects the printer and allows you to print wirelessly.

You will not have to do practically anything: by selecting the print option for photos, emails and documents, you can choose the printer to use from a list and start printing the file of your interest.

Certainly Airprint printers cost more than the others, but they undoubtedly simplify the wireless printing procedure from iPhone, iPod and iPad. If you need to change printers, get one compatible with this technology.

2- Print directly from iPod, iPad and iPhone to any printer:Google Cloud Print

This is another great tool for printing wireless documents from iPhone, iPod and iPad to any printer, even those not compatible with AirPrint. This technology was created by Google and natively integrated in Android 4.4, but it also works perfectly on Apple's iOS.

In this case, the procedure will be a little longer than that offered by AirPrint: you will have to configure the printer correctly and have it detected by your iPhone, iPod and iPad. To use Google Cloud Print you must first set it on the printer (if already included) otherwise, it must be enabled on the computer through the dedicated software. The Google service, in fact, was born initially to allow users to print with the home printer connected to the computer, using a mobile phone or another PC connected to the Internet but not belonging to the same network: in practice the service allows you toprint a document with your home printer, even if you are in another placeor in another city.Cloud Print allows you to access your existing printer from any computer or mobile phone via the Internetand can be used forshare the printer with anyone else on the webeven if far away.

To use Google Cloud Print you need to download the software via Google Chrome on your PC or Mac and then correctly configure your printer, also indicating which Google account they can print. In any case, printer management can be done from the you can configure the print queues and printers configured and connected to your account.

Given that the PC connected to the printer must be turned on (unless you are using a cloud printer that can connect to the internet independently),to print via the Internet using Cloud Printeryou need to log into your account at the this point, just press the red button "Print"upload a word, pdf, excel file or a photoisprint it by selecting the shared printer. You can also press on the buttonadvanced optionsto configure the print quality, the orientation of the sheet and other features.Once you print the file, on the printer of the owner's pc, a new print job starts as if you were printing from that computer.

Finally, I would like to point out that to print any Google Docs document, PDF or images that are found on the internet, you can install the Google Cloud Printer extension on Google Chrome which enables a print button on the address bar.

Printing via iPhone on a printer configured with Google Cloud Print can take place on Google Chrome browser, Gmail or through an app like PrintCentral Proor withCloud Print.

3- Print directly from iPod, iPad and iPhone to any printer:Breezy

Breezy is a solution for printing via the internet from a mobile phone or tablet similar to Google Cloud Print, which also supports iPhone and iPad. It allows you to print from iPhone or iPad using the printer connected to the computer, on which you only need to install a client and through the app designed specifically for iPhone and iPad, downloadable from the Apple store.

4- Print directly from iPod, iPad and iPhone to any printer: aspecific applications for your printer

Printer manufacturers typically provide their own applications so that users who bought their wireless printers can easily print from iPads, iPhones, and even Android devices. So, if you don't have a wireless printer that supports Airprint, check if the manufacturer has created a dedicated app for iPhone, iPod and iPad: go to the AppStore and type in the brand of your printer to see what appears.

In general, however, the official apps are these:

–HP ePrint – Samsung Mobile Print – Canon Mobile Printing – Epson iPrint – Lexmark Mobile Printing

You may still find others, perhaps unofficial but fully functional.

As we have seen, therefore, in one way or another, it is therefore possible to print web pages, photos, e-mails, documents and whatever you want from an iPad or iPhone, on each printer and wirelessly, without use no cables or wires. That's all, now you know how to print web pages, photos, emails and other documents from your iPad, iPod or iPhone.

Do you know of other solutions to print wirelessly via iPhone, iPod and iPad?

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