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Playstation 5 details arrive tomorrow in live streaming

Finally here we are. Tomorrow the day of truth for Playstation 5. If today Microsoft has released several details on its next console, tomorrow it will finally be Sony's turn.

Sony announced it through a simple tweet. Tomorrow the giant will host a live streaming on PlayStation 5 on its official blog, starting at 9:00 am Pacific Time, therefore 5:00 pm in Italy. It will be introduced by Mark Cerny, console architecture manager and director of both Knack games for PS4. According to Sony, the presentation will provide "a dive into the PS5 system architecture and the future of games as a modeler."

Playstation 5 details arrive tomorrow in live streaming

The unveiling of PlayStation 5 was a long and elaborate process. Some basic details about the console were first revealed through an interview with Wired last April. The article confirmed that the console will be powered by a third generation AMD Ryzen CPU with eight cores built on the company's 7 nm Zen 2 microarchitecture, and that it will have a custom GPU, built on AMD's Radeon Navi family, which supports ray tracing.

Cerny also confirmed that the console will support 8K graphics, and that it will enjoy inside an SSD. Fortunately, it will be backwards compatible with both PS4 games and the current PSVR viewer.

There are still many questions around the console, starting with the design, the price (which according to Bloomberg could be close to $ 470), the DualShock controller and the system interface.

It is not known, of course, which of this information will be provided by Sony, but certainly tomorrow will be an important day to learn more about the console. Even on the release date there is uncertainty, but it is likely that the Sony console will be released in a period very close to the release of the Xbox Series X, expected for the Christmas holiday 2020.

While waiting to learn more about PS5, we refer you to the article on the technical characteristics of the Xbox Series X, just announced by Microsoft.