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Pixmania, JBL Spot speakers for only 79 euros

Pixmania, JBL Spot speakers for only 79 euros logomacitynet1200wide 1

JBL 2.1 speakers are back on Pixmania (sponsor). Discounted spots: 79 euros. The accessory, perfect for listening to the iPod or to amplify the Mac audio, is re-proposed after a few weeks in the "Flash Sales" notes.

The proposal of the popular French online retailer (sponsor) allows us to get our hands on a product of great interest, with a trendy and original and technologically very valid design. The system consists of two satellites and a subwoofer, for a total power of 36W built around the Odyssey and Atlas neodymium transducers and equipped with technologies such as: MAPS (Minimum Audio Parameter Shift) to eliminate distortions, even at levels of higher outputs, COE (Computer-Optimized Equalization) to greatly improve stereo imaging and offer rich and enveloping sound, OCT (Optimized Compression Topology) to ensure clear and accurate sound at high output levels.

The JBL speakers are excellent both for Apple computers and for listening to music from devices such as iPods and iPhones which they also combine stylistically. It is no coincidence that they are among the most purchased by users of Apple products and are also among the most purchased on the Apple Store website which offers them for 129.95 euros, 39% more than the Pixmania price. Considering the shipping costs (included for the Apple Store, to be added to the final price for Pixmania and quantifiable around 15 euros) the 25% discount; obviously by ordering the amplifiers together with other products, shipping costs are also optimized. Normally, outside of the Flash Sale offer, JBL 2.1 Spots cost 90 euros; the convenience therefore very evident only until the end of the promotion.

To purchase JBL speakers click here.

The offer valid until Saturday afternoon.

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