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Philips Hue gen 2, the app that simplifies and enhances the lighting control in the home

marzo 19, 2020

Philips completely renews smart lighting management software in the home with a new application. Called Philips Hue gen 2, it differs from the previous app (recently updated and renamed to Philips Hue gen 1 for a better distinction) for different functions.

First of all there is a new function, called Stanze, which groups the lights of a room or a specific area of ​​the house and allows you to control them simultaneously with just one click. Then there is a new option Daily activities which allows you to program the lighting according to the daily activities, complete with the Awakening mode to gradually increase the luminous intensity by simulating the rising of the sun.

With Night Light you get an illumination that limits the blue light, thus reducing the disturbance during sleep and making it easier to fall asleep, a particularly useful solution for those with babies and forced to get up in the middle of the night to look after them; instead with Scene you can extract the color palette from any image to create particular and personalized atmospheres.

Philips Hue gen 2

The new Home screen also offers an overview of all the lights installed in the home and allows you to turn them on, off or adjust their intensity simply by touching or touching a point on the screen. It is also possible to manage the lighting via voice commands, for example by setting the living room light to 10% to create a particular atmosphere while the device maybe charging a few meters away.

Through the new widget for the Notification Center it is possible to add up to 10 shortcuts to call up different Rooms and Scenes without accessing the app, also with the At home and away from home mode you can turn the lights on and off remotely simulating your presence inside the house, an excellent deterrent to keep thieves away. And if you forget to turn off the lights, with geolocation the system will know when we will be away from home and will avoid useless consumption; on the other hand, as soon as you return home, you will not need to look for the switch as the lights will turn on automatically.

Philips Hue gen 2 will be released shortly on the App Store at this address.

Philips Hue gen 2