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Pelty is the only speaker that plays music with fire

Fire. This is what those who buy Pelty need, a Bluetooth speaker that uses technology based on the Peltier effect to obtain the power needed to function. In June 2014, the company launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to finance the project: over the months the device has grown, been improved and refined in order to be able to arrive on the market soon.

Characterized by a body in polished ceramic and wood, inside a glass ampoule – fed with organic oil – is used to light the device (the initial version used a simple candle). The heat of the flame in a few seconds activates it, and from that point it can be controlled simply by smartphone or tablet through a Bluetooth connection to select and play your favorite music.

Usable both indoors and outdoors, Pelty conceived, designed and built entirely in Italy, represents a unique furnishing object capable of embellishing from the garden to the bedroom, from the living room to the SPA of a hotel to the most intimate corners of a restaurant on the shore by the sea or in the high mountains.

Pelty also differs in being an entirely eco-friendly product. It does not provide for the use of chargers and electricity by fully exploiting the force of fire. The ampoules are refillable and work with organic and natural oils. It is also possible to choose between different fragrances and fragrances even if the diffuser works with any type of oil for combustion.

Made in black and white colors, Pelty will be available on the official website starting from September at the price of 320 euros. On the site it will also be possible to order the oil for refilling the ampoule. For those interested, Pelty will be on display during the entire duration of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, until April 17, at the space in Via Ventura 14 managed by Ventura Projects inside the Glass box.

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