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OnePlus, the new company logo is official: "We have renewed the visual identity"

After practically announcing it in recent days, OnePlus he just made official its new logo alongside a "renewed visual identity" of the brand, which presents brighter colors and simpler designs.

oneplus logo

As shown in detail in a blog post, the biggest change introduced by the Shenzhen-based company is above all the text "OnePlus" in the logo, which leaves its solid background instead of using a thicker font. There is also a subtle change to the icon that now has "some curve" on the number 1, in such a way as to make it "immediately recognizable".

The changes introduced by the Chinese company therefore aim to create a clearer association between the logo and the brand improving readability and visibility. To achieve this, the thickness of the logo has been increased and the pi sign has also been increased to make it a more relevant part of the logo in tribute to the "community", which is considered "an extension of the OnePlus family". In addition, the company removed the solid box behind the word "OnePlus" and made the weight of the entire logo coherent to improve the overall balance.

OnePlus has also changed its typeface and, in turn, the appearance of its "Never Settle" slogan. Even the font OnePlus Slate is renewed in accordance with the entire "restyling" of the logo. The company specified that the research focused on a highly functional, yet versatile character, and consequently readable for long texts, but also perfect for the logo.

Another change in this renewal concerns the colors used by OnePlus. The user will still have to deal with the "classics" black, white and red in the company's promotional material, but you will easily notice the addition of a blue color and also some shades of gray.

Source 9to5Google