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Apple has just released the new G4 PowerMac with the fear, according to some sources, that the previous models could have their segment cannibalized by the new iMac. This could certainly be true, at least in terms of image, but according to some tests carried out by Bare Feats the problem should not have existed for a shrewd user.The site presents a comparison between the new machines, the G3 Dual Processor 800 and the 733 MHz. In all tests, the dual processor, thanks to the two CPUs and the architecture that features a 133 MHz data bus, far triumphs over competitors, making it almost twice as fast as the iMac in numerous tasks. even the 733 MHz defends itself quite well; despite the 67 MHz less of the new computer it ends up in front of the latter in almost all tests. Only in a couple of tests will the result be equal. Anyone looking for a machine that offers the best combination of price and performance can therefore undoubtedly choose the PowerMac 733. At the time of writing, there are some very interesting offers made possible by presence in the channels of a still substantial number of this type of machines. At about the same price as an iMac with 15 LCD screen you can have a PowerMac and add an Apple flat screen monitor. You will not have Superdrive, but this can be a relative disadvantage for those looking for expandability.

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