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Nine Inch Nails: “Apple is false and hypocrite. We will exploit the jailbreak "

After the exclusion of the update for the Nine Inch Nails application on the App Store, nin: access, as Trent Reznor's response was foreseeable, did not wait. The leader of the band has once again shown that he has no hair on the tongue, addressing harsh words, in part not even referable without falling into foul language, towards Cupertino's censorship policy.

According to Reznor, Apple's policy would show all its falsity and hypocrisy in the decision to censor the update for the application, as the "The Downward Spiral" disc, the stone of the scandal and the cause of the exclusion from the App Store of the update of the software, it would be quietly on sale on iTunes. The thesis, not too much disguised by someone, that Apple makes scruples only when the product, as in the case of the App, does not generate revenue; but most likely those who believe the decision-making process at the basis of the approval of the applications is more right, entrusted too much to individual logics and without a common thread?

In any case, the choice of the Californian company, said Reznor himself, is prompting the NIN to evaluate the possibility of making the application available on the "gray" channels, that is via jailbreak.

If this choice is confirmed it will be more difficult to deny those who believe that Apple on the one hand invests more and more in the fight against jailbreak, while on the other with its choices and its policy, not too clear and in some contradictory occasions, pushes numerous developers to create programs based on unlocking the protection mechanisms of the phone and iPod touch.