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Nin: access passes the Apple exam

Apple. To disclose the resolution of the story that has inflamed the world of blogs over the past few days, Trent Reznor, leader of the group.

In a message posted on Twitter, Reznor merely specifies that the application has been approved, without adding much more. What is certain that nin: access remained identical to the initially rejected version, causing so much controversy. No step back, therefore, for the Nine Inch Nails and a half (or whole?) Admission of guilt by Cupertino.

The story, as known, began with the presentation of an update of the program. Cupertino rejected the application by arguing (probably no official word on the part from Apple) about content opportunities. At that point it was Reznor who intervened by denouncing the choice of the Apple with very harsh words; reportedly, not without very passionate accents, it was learned that the program was substantially unchanged from the previous version. The threat of resorting to the "gray market" is explicit, entrusting it to the world of jailbreaking.

It cannot be excluded that it was precisely Reznor's attack that determined Apple's step backwards; what is certain that the nin: access affair has clearly exposed Apple's difficulties in maintaining a linear process in the evaluation of the programs are now in the light of the sun. The huge amount of applications submitted every day are examined, most likely, by different people who, without a univocal code (which is very difficult to elaborate on the other), operate according to their personal sensitivities, causing in some cases bewilderment for apparently waste and approvals inconsistent with each other and with what happened previously.

The problem should be, if not resolved, at least mitigated, we remind you, with the establishment of a section of iTunes with access with parental control which would have been mentioned by Apple managers and coming soon with the launch of iPhone 3.0.

At the time of writing the update (also very useful for the Italian market since the program with the international versions of the operating system crashed very often) not yet available, but should arrive by the hour. The download will be automatic for those with a previous version; others can download the application from here