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New Samsung 4K TVs and serif design on display at the Salone del Mobile in Milan

The Samsung 2016 high-end TV line introduces a new design concept, where beauty is no longer (only) refinement in lines and purity in design but (also) originality and a return to the past. Night & Day, day and night, two lines of televisions that share the same operating system but which have distinctly different lines, positioning, design and price.

Samsung_Night & Day_4_1500

Samsung's night

The night line lives on technology, lights that cut black: the profile of the new Samsung SUHD TV, of the premium series, seems to be a blade 9000 is 7000, both in the version with curved and flat screen. A blade that now has a very thin edge, since the glass reaches a few millimeters from the chrome hinge of the frame. Inside a 10-bit panel with Quantum dot technology, which strengthens the colors and the contrast of the images, that the 4K resolution but above all the HDR (High Dynamic Range) rendering technology with brightness values โ€‹โ€‹of at least 1,000 nits fully enhances (a agreement to have valid content). Both of these lines also use Ultra Black technology that reduces light reflections by further improving image quality while keeping glare to a minimum.

Inside them, the Tizen operating system manages the smart part, guaranteeing the possibility of using third-party apps, such as the omnipresent Netflix but also home players such as Plex. An App is also available to transform the iPhone (or an Android smartphone) into a touch remote control. The 2016 trend sees greater care also in the rear, where cables and connectors are placed in an absolutely discreet way, to improve the positioning of the TV inside the living room without various anti-aestheticisms.

Also present were the new Wireless Audio 360 speakers which expand the line-up with two new models: R3 and R1. The speakers, which have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth inside them, are designed both to work in multiroom mode and also to create an entirely wireless 5.1 sound system. The company also launched the first Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the UBD-K8500 HDR compatible player, based on the UltraHD video standard promoted earlier this year.

Serif's day

The lightest line of Samsung TVs is called Serif: in profile, in fact, the TVs are identical to the letter I of the serif typefaces, with the graces clearly visible. A project signed by the prestigious brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec that brings a design from the past to the present. No ultra-thin lines and very classic cuts and shapes, a line that recalls a bit of the seventies futurism, even though it is characterized by an absolutely first-rate technology.

The rear panel is completely covered, so as not to show cables and connectors, but the screen (available up to a size of 40) is still avant-garde. A technological device designed primarily to make design on its own, not sold in large distribution chains but for now only online or in Molteni & C stores.

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