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New AirPods coming soon, but coronavirus could slow down sales

New AirPods are on the way and sales could disappoint expectations: the reason for this would not be the quality or functions of the earphones but rather the current epidemic emergency that could negatively affect sales.

For weeks there has been talk of the imminent release of a new AirPods branded product and the latest rumor published by DigiTimes only feeds these hypotheses. The point – we read – that suppliers are worried about how things will go from the launch of this new product, which should save last minute changes should end on the shelves already by the end of the current month.

In fact, the coronavirus pandemic now affects practically the entire globe and with the Apple Stores closed until March 27, combined with the fact that people can leave the house only for health, work or actual and proven needs, very likely that sales do not go as hoped.

New AirPods arriving, but the coronavirus could slow down sales

At the moment of these headphones not much is known. Apple unveiled the AirPods Pro in October, a new line of headphones that presents several improvements over traditional AirPods, starting with the presence of active noise cancellation technology (ANC), together with the fact that they offer better sound quality and greater resistance to water and sweat, all within a new design corroborated by the adoption of in-ear grommets.

At the beginning of last month it was rumored that an economic version of the AirPods Pro could also arrive, which should have the same design and the same audio quality as the Pro series, without the ANC technology.

The second generation AirPods were released in March 2019, but the current state of emergency makes it difficult to guess what the exact moment will be when Apple should present this phantom new version.

AirPods are i Apple's first Bluetooth headsets. The first version was presented in September 2016 and tested by Macitynet here. Apple on March 20, 2019 introduced the Airpods 2 by discontinuing the first version of Airpods. At this link the review of AirPods 2.