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Netatmo, from today the anemometer is compatible with IFTTT

Netatmo, from today the anemometer compatible with IFTTT IFTTT anemometer

Netatmo renews its partnership with IFTTT, a service that connects hundreds of favorite applications and devices. After Welcome, users now have the possibility of integrating the anemometer to create simple formulas that initiate programmed and personalized actions.

Accessory of the Netatmo weather station, the anemometer accurately measures the speed and direction of the wind thanks to the built-in ultrasound technology. Starting today, the device is also enriched with a channel on IFTTT which, through mobile and web applications, allows users to activate new actions and create customized scenarios related to their wind measurements.

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First, consumers decide on an action based on the information provided by the Anemometer and subsequently create contextual scenarios: for example, they can formulate specific commands to close the garage doors or to turn on the irrigation system based on the force of the wind. In addition, they can choose to be notified by email if the ideal wind for wind surfing, kite surfing or playing golf.

The Netatmo anemometer, remember, also on sale on Amazon for 99.99 euros.

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