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Netatmo competition: the home kit for the developer of the best app

marzo 19, 2020

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Netatmo has just launched an app competition. The developer of the best will receive as a prize a complete set of Netatmo products including the Weather Station and its accessories, the Thermostat for smartphones and the Welcome video camera.

The competition was launched on the occasion of the presentation of Netatmo Connect, a new ecosystem thanks to which third-party developers, product managers and marketing professionals can create relationships between their products, services or applications and Netatmo devices.

To date, more than 20 business partners and 14,000 developers already use Netatmo's APIs through this platform. Netatmo Connect actually makes interactions possible to make the smart home even smarter. There are three programs that make up the new ecosystem: Netatmo Weather, Netatmo Smart Home and Netatmo Enterprise. In short, these allow any related object, service or application to connect and interact with Netatmo products.

netatmo contest

In order, Netatmo Weather offers users personalized weather services. One example is AccuWeather, an app that uses data collected by the global community of Netatmo Weather Stations to provide its users with ultra-local weather forecasts. Netatmo Smart Home instead facilitates the interactions between Netatmo products and other connected applications or devices. Thanks to Netatmo Smart Home, for example, IFTTT connects Netatmo products to hundreds of applications, devices and services for a continuous use experience.

Finally, Netatmo Enterprise boosts customer service innovations with big data. In this case, for example, Engie uses Netatmo Enterprise to analyze the energy consumption of its customers with a thermostat.

As for the competition, each participant invited to develop an application using one of the three aforementioned Netatmo Connect programs. Netatmo teams will evaluate the design, user experience, originality and relevance of the applications, rewarding the best. Registration is open until Friday 1st July and the winner will be announced on Friday 15th July. More details here

netatmo contest