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Myst is here for iPhone and iPod touch

marzo 19, 2020

Myst finally arrives on the iPhone and iPod touch. The game, a piece of ninety in the history of playful entertainment on Mac, landed on the store in the past few hours, after a wait lasting a few weeks.

Myst was released in the mid-90s initially only in the Mac Os version and was immediately hugely popular for its original settings and completely new philosophy: first-person vision, suggestive settings (an uninhabited island and perpetually enveloped by mists, vaguely inspired by the Mysterious Island of Verne, buildings with vaguely spooky architecture and an intriguing history). Made in Hypercard, Myst was made up of high-quality pre-rendered settings, with small QuickTime inserts. The mechanics of the game were very simple: point and click to solve essential puzzles to go further in the story until the end, variable depending on the paths taken to get to that end.

All this is perfectly replicated on the iPhone and iPod touch in the pocket version of the Apple. Cyan Worlds, founded by the two creators of Myst, the brothers Robyn and Rand Miller, promises all the original Ages (the various parallel worlds of the island of Myst), the same type of game, all the animations and videos of the version of the years' 90. But also a higher quality of scenarios and audio compared to the original Myst. In addition, the version for iPhone and iPod touch has the possibility of auto-saving when leaving or receiving a phone call, touch control, autozoom in some areas of the game, quick access to tips.

Myst for iPhone has a considerable weight: 727 mega, with 1.5 GB free required for installation. This is not surprising given that the original was one of the very first CD games. Interestingly enough, the dimensions of the iPhone version are likely to be larger than the computer version.

But beyond these "technical" considerations, we would like to recommend the game to everyone: both those who played at the time at Myst for Mac and those who have never had the opportunity to try it. The former will find, literally putting them in their pockets, places such as the forest with suspended houses, the cliff with the lighthouse, the caves, the books that bind the various Ages and all those surreal and somewhat anguished environments that have characterized an era of the game on Mac. The latter will approach a title that has deeply marked the history of the platform giving rise to a series of "clones" on Mac and PC, and will have a very addictive game, capable of creating an immersive atmosphere like few others and which still has very modern traits.

Myst for iPhone can be downloaded from here and costs 4.99 euros.