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MPEG-4, delivery labor

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The week that opens should be that of the grand-style launch of MPEG-4 with its debut in the context of QuickTime Live, but its birth could coincide with some difficulties. The concerns are related to the announcement by MPEG LA, a consortium of standard technology licensees, to be oriented towards a payment scheme that would require the payment of 25 cents of a dollar for each product that supports MPEG-4 plus a fixed cost of 2 cents of a dollar for each hour of transmission (su Internet or with other systems). In this way, MPEG LA claims, the complications related to the licensing of the standards would be avoided. The news has alarmed the ISMA (Internet Streaming Media Alliance), another body that represents thirty companies that is creating an "open" standard. for video transmission over the Internet and which would use MPEG-4 as a video compression system. According to ISMA, the payment scheme of MPEG LA would prevent the success of MPEG-4 as a standard for streaming. "We hope to have a discussion on this topic soon," said Tom Jacobs, president of ISMA "In the meantime, On2, which owns the rights to another VP compression standard and is preparing to release version 5, has offered to ISMA for use in open source license.

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