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Motion Sense: what the radar inserted in the new ones is and how it works …

Google has launched new models of smartphones, i Pixel 4. The innovative aspect of this generation of mobile devices is the presence of Motion Sense. But what is it about? Its functionality derives essentially from the addition of a radar, located on the right side of the speaker, with the ability to detect particular movements and act accordingly, quickly responding to a series of specific gestures. Let's see in detail what the main functions of Motion Sense are. These can be enabled by accessing the "Motion Sense" item in the phone's system settings.

Motion Sense: what are the main functions?

View the display when nearby

By first selecting thedisplay setting always active, you can take advantage of the Motion Sense function that also keeps the display off when you are away from the owner. The sensor can detect when you are nearby, which translates into the possibility of having the display always on in its presence and off otherwise. This saves a lot of battery compared to the common use with the display always on.

Motion SenseThe smartphone will light up as soon as it arrives in its vicinity, which can be very useful for those who have the bad habit of forgetting it in different areas of the house: Motion Sense will detect its presence as soon as it "realizes" that you are looking for it and it will therefore be much easier to find it.

Automatic display switch-on

One of the functions that make your experience faster with your smartphone is certainly the "Reach to check phone“, That is, the possibility of controlling the phone only by bringing your hand close to the screen, without touching it.

Once you set this option, placing your hand over the display, this will show the lock screen with clock and notifications. In addition, I will activate the camera for the facial detection (if this was previously set) making unlocking quicker and easier. Interactions of this type can be seen as a sort of step forward with respect to the common Android function that reactivates the phone if lifted: many actions, which with Motion Sense take place automatically, in this case must be activated manually.

Skip the songs in a playlist

All of us today use the smartphone to listen to our favorite music. But how would it be possible to do so without having to access the media player program every time for skip songs we just don't like it? Motion Sense has found a solution entirely dedicated to music lovers. "Skip songs"A feature that allows you to jump from one song to another without even having to turn on the music playback app.

All you need to do is move your hand over the display from right to left (or from left to right, depending on whether you want to go back or jump forward). It is not necessary to pay attention to how the hand is positioned: the gesture can be done both from the palm and from the side, and everything will work equally.

Mute the phone

How often do you want to mute the phone when it rings in inappropriate places and you can't immediately? Motion Sense was also designed to avoid these bad figures!

In fact, when the smartphone rings, the sensor will detect our hand approaching the device and lower the volume of the call or completely silence the phone. The function "Silence Interruptions"Particularly useful also to better control the alarm: just put your hand near the Pixel 4 to stop the sound, or shake it next to the radar to" order "it to be delayed for 10 minutes.

Motion Sense however a technology still under development, which will be continuously updated with new improvements.

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