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Moog and Korg apps for iPad, iPhone and Android are now free for musicians stuck at home

A small sweet thought towards all the musicians who are stuck at home to contain the spread of the coronavirus: Moog and Korg, in these days, have decided to completely cut the price of two applications that allow you to make music with iOS and Android.

These are specifically two synth apps, which will certainly please all those users, professionals and non-professionals, who have a MIDI musical instrument at their disposal or intend to equip themselves in order to use iPhones, iPads, smartphones and Android tablets to enhance their own equipment to be used in the studio, at home or in concerts.

Minimoog for iPhone and iPad

Moog and Korg apps become free to help stuck musicians at home

Lapp that Moog has decided to give Minimoog, capable of faithfully replicating – starting from the appearance of the interface up to the built-in sounds – the first analog monophonic synthesizer invented by Robert Moog, marketed in the 70s and famous for being one of the first light synths, simple to use. schedule and affordable price.

The application, normally on sale for 16 euros, available only on the App Store in a universal version for iPhone and iPad and for a limited period of time, as we said, completely free.

Korg Kaossilator for iPhone, iPad and Android

Korg instead decided to give Koassilator, an application known by the name of iKoassilator on iOS and normally sold for 20 euros. For this discount the dates are more precise: by March 20 for Android or until March 31 the version for iPhone and iPad.

It is a replica of the synthesizers of the Kaoss line, it allows you to reproduce the sounds simply by stroking, touching and rubbing the screen with your finger. Inside there are more than 150 different sounds that cover practically any style of dance music, complete with a sequencer capable of programming up to five loops simultaneously.

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