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Michelin Red Guide Italy on iPhone and iPod touch

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After the European Red Guide of Michelin restaurants, the Italian version for iPhone and iPod touch also arrives.

The guide (cost 7.99 euros) the perfect copy of the one on paper with all the advantages of a digital product. This means it is possible to make precise and multi-parameter searches using the typical iPhone Os wheel by combining various factors (for example, price and cuisine of a certain type, the stars). The guide interfaces with both the telephone module and the GPS module (if present). This means that once you have found a restaurant, just click on the phone number to make the call or ask to check which is the closest among the Michelin restaurants in the area where we are.

The information available in the guide for iPhone and iPod is exactly that of the paper guide: there are explanatory data on the location, the type of cuisine, the particularities of the restaurant. As already in the European guide it is also possible to rate the restaurant and leave a comment.

The Michelin Italy guide contains over 5300 bars, from trattorias to luxury restaurants, fully localized in Italian and can be purchased by clicking here, click here for the European version and for localized only in English and French.

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