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McAfee is developing security solutions for iPhone and Mac

McAfee is developing security solutions for iPhone and Mac – logomacitynet1200wide 1

McAfee will firmly enter the security software sector for Mac. Its CEO, Dave DeWalt, has announced the intentions of the American anti-virus company. We are working on a much more complete suite for the Apple world – DeWalt said Reuters agency – and we will also deal with the iPhone "

Observers agree that McAfee's commitment, the second most important developer in the world in the security software sector, is due to the growth of Mac installed quotas and above all to the great success of the iPhone and iPod touch, especially through the powerful flywheel effect of the App Store.

If number two McAfee is working on a big landing in the Apple world, number one can't be said to be watching. Rowan Trollope Senior Vice President of Symantec has not stood still. Symantec is developing an iPhone backup service that will allow users to protect the data stored on their smartphone and to be able to access the information stored on their home or office computer and the data stored online directly from the pocket. The system can be seen as an alternative solution to some of the services of MobileMe, one of Apple's flagship products for iPhone.

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