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Loyalty cards on your smartphone: the best 5 apps to keep them at …

Your wallet chock full of cards and you don't know how to thin it out a bit? Did you know that possible collect all the loyal cards on your smartphone without carrying them with you in your wallet, therefore avoiding any type of encumbrance? Let's find out together what the are best loyalty card app suitable for this purpose!

Loyalty cards on your smartphone: here are the 5 best apps


Stocard - Fedelt cards

If you are tired of always spinning with a lot of tiles, installing Stocard you can have all the loyalty cards at your smartphone. You can register more than 200 loyalty cards, storing them on the app in a few seconds with the help of the camera of the device, then displaying them whenever necessary. No registration is required and you can start using it right away.

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FidMe - Loyalty cards

FidMe allows you to group all loyalty cards, both classic and virtual, coupons and discounts directly on your Android smartphone. You will have thousands of loyalty programs available, barcode cards, QR codes or customer number. You can also immediately scan your cards, locate the nearest stores and receive notifications on the new ones promotions and so much more.

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Stampuno Wallets: Loyalty Cards of your Stores

Stampuno allows you to have all your loyalty cards, discounts and coupons at your fingertips totally free of charge. To view any loyalty card, just a simple click and you will have immediate access to the latest discounts and vouchers. But it does not end here: the app also allows you to get promotions from your favorite stores, check the loyalty points at any time, find inegozipi near you and help save the planet by reducing the use of plastic.

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mobile-pocket loyalty cards

Mobile-pocketturns out to be one of the best solutions to collect your loyalty cards, with the possibility of grouping them on your smartphone in a very simple way and receiving all the advantages directly on your device. View barcodes and card QR codes to collect points and bonuses, add any card, even those not present among the predefined ones, through the path “other cards": Photograph both sides of the paper and save time with the Profile feature that allows you to registration by e-mail or with the personal profile Facebook or Google+. Finally, you can protect your cards by activating a passcode.

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VirtualCards-Loyalty Cards & Coupons Wallet

VirtualCards turns out to be a valid solution to empty your wallet from all the weight of loyalty cards. Cards are added in an instant and can be read easily at the cash desk. Start adding nowcards loyalty in your possession by simply scanning the barcodes on the plastic card. All in addition to the possibility of subscribing to new loyalty programs directly from the app.

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